Why men need to be with more than one girl?

One of the questions people often ask is why so many men feel the need to cheat? There have been studies done on the issue and hundreds of thousands of books written on the subject. In addition, movies and other things have been created all trying to determine why men need to be with more than one woman at a time. Still, it’s important to note that not all men cheat or feel the need to have more than one partner at a time. However, for those that do, there are several reasons why they do it.


Whenever a man feels insecure, he often has to have that emptiness filled. It could be from feeling he doesn’t have enough money or looks good enough. Perhaps he feels he is too young or old. Whatever the case may be, men who are insecure and immature, often wind up cheating on their spouses. They do this in order to boost their ego. For men who feel this way, cheating is not wrong until his partner finds out about it.

Wants To Explore

Although many men are content with having only one sexual partner, others want to explore; even when they are presently in a relationship. Perhaps they want to engage in threesome sex with another girl and their mate. Being with two girls at one time is one of the top sexual fantasies for males. There are also guys who watch porn videos and want to try the things they see on them.

Has Several Issues

Most men that get caught cheating on their spouses realize later that it was a bad decision. One of the ways they end up making those bad decisions is due to co-occurring issues. For example, they can be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Perhaps they have a sexual addiction which he must satisfy by any means necessary. Group sex videos found online generally depict men who are sex addicts.

He Is A Liar

Males who cheat are great at lying since they have to keep their infidelity hidden. Yet they are not just lying to their spouses, but also to themselves. Even though they are in a committed relationship, he lies to himself about being monogamous. It is what makes his cheating much easier to accept and even normal in his mind.

Confused About Love

There is a stark difference between being in love and being romantically involved with someone. When the latter happens, a man will not understand what being faithful is truly about. The moment he finds himself attracted or romantically enticed by someone else, he wants that person as well. Rather than being honest with his present partner and leaving her, he cheats on her.