How Not To Get Caught Cheating?

How Not To Get Caught Cheating?

Infidelity is one of the biggest marriage destroyers and a lot of times, even the strongest of marriages can’t survive an affair. Anybody can be cheated on, but that’s the reality of the situation.

In this day and age, you can locate get caught cheating in the easiest ways. If you’ve seen Snapchat’s news update, it is literally tracking your every move. It’s your avatar but it’s showing your location, when you’re driving, when you’re at the airport and if you’re at someone else’s house that you said you weren’t at.

We don’t say we agree with cheating, but we do have a certain list of rules that you can follow to be successful at cheating;

  • If you live with your significant other, never cheat at your house. If you cannot afford to take your side-chick to a hotel, you should not be cheating. Obviously, use cash and never your credit cards. It leaves a paper trail.
  • Never get marks on your body. It is virtually impossible to explain to your partner why you have hickeys and scratches all over your back that she didn’t put there.
  • Emails, text messages and call logs, delete all of them. You don’t need them. Delete them immediately.
  • Silence is golden. Do not run your mouth about what you do. The only person you can trust to keep your secret is YOU. Shut up and don’t tell your BFFs.
  • Be honest with the person you’re cheating with. You need to be straight up with them from the jump. You need to tell them your entire situation and what kind of relationship that you’re trying to have with them.
  • Execute a plan of communication. You need to establish when, where and how you are going to talk.
  • Create a solid alibi. There are two things that come with a good solid alibi. One, never ever use your friends. Two, always have some kind of truth in your alibi.

If you don’t want to be in trouble and you value respect, don’t cheat!

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