How to keep your side chick happy?

How to keep your side chick happy?

Nowadays, infidelity has become so rampant that people think it is normal to do it. Truth is, it is not normal, and it will never be normal. Still, most men think that it is a good way to keep their mind of an unhappy marriage. Their side chicks are getting more and more proud of themselves. It is because they feel more advantageous than the original wife.

However, it is not all the time that these side chicks are getting all the advantage. There were times when they are feeling left out. It is probably because their man is not paying attention to them already. If a man is committed enough to keep his side chick happy, he will do anything for her.

Here are some ways to keep your side chick happy all the time.

Never, ever let her know that she is a side chick

A side chick is only proud of herself because she knows that she is the only one for her man. But once she knew that she is not the only one, she will definitely perform an outrage.

Don’t build up expectations that you cannot do

This is something that you should avoid if you are not ready to commit full time with her. A woman may expect a lot from you if your action tells her that you want to level up.

Isolate her from places where your wife can possibly see you

Because of your side chick, you must do a lot of hiding. Your wife will probably do anything to see if her gut feeling is right about you having another woman.

Give her attention, but not too much as your wife

Give her gifts, take her shopping, and spend a few days of vacation with her. It will keep her occupied, and she will trust you even more.

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